Sister 2 Sister Inc. always in need of additional funding for life-changing projects. Without input from our supporters, we would not be able to continue our vital work.

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Support our work and choose to donate to our general funds which allows us to use your donations wherever it’s needed most. Unrestricted income such as this allows us to respond most effectively to the needs of people we work with.

If you prefer, you may also choose to support a project directly and we have a wide range of projects suitable for such a support. It is easy for you to choose to fund areas of our work that you feel most closely match your charitable aims.

Benefits of supporting Sister 2 Sister Inc.

Our projects are run by faith-based people for local people, we are transparent and have measurable benefits for people’s lives. We have helped save and improved lives of thousands of disadvantaged people. By supporting us you will be helping to reach even more.

We need your support to fund the projects shown below:

1. End Homelessness Project

2. Transportation Project

3. Senior Sister Project

4. Widow Project

5. Orphan Project

6. Food and Water Project

98% of your donation is spent on our life-changing work.

Working to provide transitional shelter homes for homeless teen-age mother's and abused women. The 2017 estimate for homeless people in Southern Nevada is near 25,000 people, 5,000 fewer than last year's estimate. However, the amount of non sheltered homeless people in Southern Nevada rose at a much faster rate: by 14 percent to 4,353 homeless people living outside shelters, on streets, in parks or vehicles.