Fundraising Promise

Better Health for a Better Life

Our vital work would not be possible without our supporters, which is why we value your trust and place you at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of balancing your needs. 

We promise to put you first

  • We place you at the heart of everything we do and we will ensure that all our actions reflect our core values:

  • Supportive -Of Women,children,Widows, Orphans, and Seniors.

  • Dedicated –to achieving our outcomes

  • Encouraging –to all those who want to work with us

  • Friendly –towards everyone 

  • Fun –because having fun is important, no matter what your age

We promise to respect your rights and privacy


  • We will look after any information we hold about you in accordance with the law and we will never share your information with other organisations to use for their own purposes. Your information is carefully guarded and any information we hold on you is available to you if you make a request to us in writing to the address below.

We promise to keep you updated about the vital work that you help to fund


  • If you made a donation in the last 48 months, we will send you our E-Newsletter that will include stories, news and updates on our charity, so you can find out how your support is helping us to transform the experiences of our sisters and their children.  Our website and social media are excellent ways to keep up to date with our work and we encourage you to visit these.


We promise to support you in your fundraising efforts in every way we can


  • Our fundraising team are on hand to support you at every stage of your fundraising journey and they will ensure you adhere to best practice, maximize your fundraising potential, provide encouragement, recognition and fundraising materials.

We promise to thank you appropriately and promptly


  • Upon receipt of your gift to us, you will receive an acknowledgement in the form of a letter, card, email or phone call within a reasonable period, unless you advise us that an acknowledgement is not required. We fully respect your wishes either way but we would like to take this opportunity to note how grateful we are for every gift we receive.

We promise to monitor our activity and the activities of anyone acting on our behalf


  • We are committed to ensuring that we are completely open and transparent about our fundraising and spending. We will comply with the law as applies to charities and fundraising and adhere to best practice as outlined in the Fundraising Code of Practice.We will ensure that anyone acting on our behalf adheres to our promise and standards and take appropriate action promptly if we find any failure to do so.