It’s a Worldwide Trend: More Women Are Being Imprisoned Than Ever Before

As globalization has pushed more women into the labor market, it has also made them more susceptible to criminalization.

Help For Ex-Offenders

Nevada has the 12th highest incarceration rate in the country, with 460 inmates per 100,000 population. Nevada had 13,637 people in state prison in 2016.

Women make up seven percent of the 2.4 million total inmate population within the state and federal prison system -- that's nearly 170,000 women inmates. The rate of female incarceration is increasing because more women are being convicted for nonviolent crimes, such as drug use. Mandatory minimums and "get tough" crime legislation have put them in prison systems originally designed for men.

If you’re wondering how much to send your loved one for commissary, $200 is good to get them started. This will get them the basics, like shoes, a radio, MP3 player and hygiene products. But what if you or your family can't afford to send your loved ones anything at all? Many times women in prison, family members can’t send them money because they're barely making ends meat.

Federal prisoners are permitted to shop once a week on an assigned day. While they can generally purchase what they want, there are limits to some items (e.g., two 12-packs of soda, two ice creams, 20 first class stamps) and overall spending limitations. You are currently permitted to spend up to $360 per month. However, some items, such as copy cards, postage stamps, and over-the-counter medications do not count against this limitation.

The S2Sinc. is a community-based social service nonprofit organization (501c3). S2Sinc., was established to leverage all possible resources for the betterment of women and their families. Providing shelter services and transportation for ex-offenders battling with disabilities, prostitution, domestic violence, with nowhere to go.  S2Sinc., exists solely to provide a mental well-being through counseling, psychiatric services, rehabilitative services, and employment support to ensure the helping hand and guidance our clients need.