Sister 2 Sister Inc., core value is to help end hunger and homelessness for abused pregnant teen-mothers, and women. Providing a clean, safe environment for both displaced families and our communities through fundraising, our members can sell merchandise and give back at the same time. We care about the well-being of children and families.    


Sister 2 Sister inc., receives its support from memberships, individuals, contributions, foundation grants, special events, fundraisers, and product sales. Sister 2 Sister inc., is a 501(c)3 organization. We are dependent on individual contributions to support our work. By Joining Sister 2 Sister Inc., You'll not only be connected with local groups working on similar issues, you'll be on the inside scoop of:

  1. Timely policy updates, and action alerts

  2. Access to reports, fact sheets and other data

  3. Daily updated content on social media

  4. Regular meetings

  5. Speakers for local gatherings, events, and fundraisers

  6. Local and national relationship building

  7. Endorsement of local initiatives

As a member of Sister 2 Sister inc., we ask to:

  1. Designate a liason to Sister 2 Sister Inc.

  2. Participate in Sister 2 Sister - led actions

  3. Actively engage your community in Sister 2 Sister inc. policy priorities

  4. Be a welcoming community / community member

  5. Develop strategic relationships and advocate for equitable affordable housing solutions and food preparedness in your community

  6. Maintain paid membership









Ages 11-18




Budget Under $50,000



Budget $50,000-$99,000



Budget $100,000-$199,000



Budget $200,000-$499,000



Budget $500,000-$1M



Budget Over $1M


When women participate in the economy everyone benefits.

Responsibilities of membership for Sister 2 Sister.

  1. Mission.  To help keep Sister 2 Sister on it's mission.  

  2. To  provide oversight and support to the organization. 

  3. To support and volunteer at all functions and events. 

  4. To provide oversight for specific operations and support the staff in successfully carrying them out.  This generally entails serving on a board committee that oversees a certain aspect of operations.

  5. To participate in fundraising.  This may include identifying prospects or “opening doors” to possible donors (help obtain appointments).

  6. Provide Financial Support.  To support  the organization financially in membership annual dues.

  7. Advocates in the Community.  To advocate for and serve as ambassadors for Sister 2 Sister in the community and among peers.

The Membership Consultant's primary responsibility is to gain memberships in order to meet sales goals. Additional responsibilities include assisting with customer service, helping prospective members and existing members with concerns regarding the organization and starting new corporate accounts.

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          I certify that  I am truthful and honest and agree to joining with Sister 2 Sister.  I agree that if my organization will pay monthly dues on time each month as stipulated in the contract. 

Women and girls 11+up can become a member. Must be 18 to join without a parent consent.