Providing safe shelter to homeless and abused women & children in crisis. Offering life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance. 

Get To Know Sister 2 Sister Inc.

Sister 2 Sister inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are a local ‘grassroots’ organization with no national affiliation or support.

Sister 2 Sister inc.,was established in September of 2018., with the intent to collaborate with the City of Las Vegas to bring about change for homeless women and teen-age pregnancy in our community.  Our mission is to open transitional housing shelters, and offer practical lifestyle services . 

Once Sister 2 Sister has established transitional shelters, it will be a 24-hour accessible shelter designed specifically to meet the needs of women and women with children in the region.

Sister 2 Sister's goal is to obtain a 29,000 square foot facility with residential areas. House 300 families. In which will include single dorm rooms (to accommodate up to 3 people), family living dorm rooms (to accommodate up to 6 people), classrooms, private bathrooms, a kitchen (for commercial cooking), a donation center (for pickup and drop off), making sure that all rooms are stocked with feminine hygiene products, and an acute care medical clinic. The main floor will include a work and study area “Business Center,” that will include school / job placement, with fully equipped computers, laundry facility, and Childcare Activity Center. 


In conclusion, we strive to provide the necessary fundamentals to help rebuild and restore lives.  


Help homeless single mother's with diapers, clothing, and baby supplies. No child, should ever be without diapers, food, clothing or hygiene items. 


Shelter - The most effective way of giving to charity. Shelter for homeless women and children. Help us provide a safe, clean home to needy families .  


Sister 2 Sister Inc. is always in need of additional funding for life-changing projects. With philanthropists and supporters, it enables our projects to be successful

Projected Yearly Goals


Meals served per year


Nightly Bed Spaces


Life Skills 


Helping Families 


Medical Care