Who We Are..

    Our Focus is to Empower Women


                    End Poverty

Support Girls and Women in crisis.

Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, child labor, trafficking, child marriage, and other offenses. Protecting girls and women by equipping skilled, local staff to offer training, education, counseling, medical care, small business loans, and other programs that reach women and girls as well as their families — helping to end cycles of gender-based violence. Sister 2 Sister has partnered with other agencies and supporters to offer a wide range of services that can help or benefit women such as legal shield-legal justice . A team of lawyers that are always ready to assist you.

-Family Law

We have the legal resources you need to protect you and your loved ones.


The concept of Sister 2 Sister Inc., food banking, transitional housing development, educational resources for women and children , senior homeless care,  women and children rescue relief  for battered, abuse was developed by Sis Aishah Banks, Raqiyah Warren, Qadir Price, and Sayid Hargrove in 2018. Sis Aishah Banks, an entrepreneur and businesswoman, has been volunteering at soup kitchens, and feeding the homeless people in her community. One day, she met a homeless woman (a grandmother of 11, who would daily go around asking for change on the street corner with her dog and a radio). She would ask for help to see what was in the garbage bins to find food for her grandchildren, the manager of the restaurant would run her away, yet throw good edible food out. She suggested that there should be a place where, instead of being thrown out, discarded food could be stored for people to pick up at the back door of the restaurant. With hearing her testimony, i talked to a couple of friends about her story and Sister 2 Sister inc was born. 

Since we've begun, we have helped 400 homeless women with clothing, food, toiletries, and educational resources. We have encouraged and motivated 100 teen girls to go back to school, and 83 women to become self-reliable for their families without the help of public assistance.  

Sis Aishah Banks established Sister 2 Sister inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada mentoring, providing food, water and clothing to local homeless women and their children. Sis Aishah Banks and her team of board members, and volunteers have distributed 1,000 pounds of food to people in need.  Sister 2 Sister Inc., mission is to open many transitional facilities for abused and battered women and children. Providing educational tools and resources. To prepare them for school and work. Empowering and motivating women with confidence and dignity to become positive role models for families and our community.  With sponsorships, philanthropists, supporters, and volunteers, together we can make our mission possible. We are striving daily to make a difference in families, our communities and in the world by empowering one sister at a time!  

STAND UP! Use your voice to end preventable deaths of mothers and children, homeless mothers, help educate displaced children and empower sisters with us!


Meet Our Board Members

Hello and Welcome to the Sister 2 Sisters' Board.  I'm glad that you've stopped by.  Please feel free to get a personal relationship with the board members individually as they are ready to assist you in many different departments of our organization. We currently have board seats available. Have any questions please email me at:


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Aishah Banks

Welcome to Sister 2 Sister. We are excited to meet you.

Interested in donating or becoming a volunteer?..Please feel free to contact Support@sister2sisterinc.org

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Board Opportunities

Sister 2 Sister Inc., is proud to cultivate a dynamic and diverse work environment, one that plays a critical role in our ambitious work to end hunger in America. We are looking to recruit and retain insightful employees who have backgrounds and skills from across the professional spectrum, who join our organization because they want to make a real difference in the lives of Americans in need. 

Sister 2 Sister Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace a philosophy that recognizes and values diversity. Our goal is to attract, develop, retain and promote a talented diverse workforce in a culture where all employees will contribute to their fullest potential.

There are also many volunteer positions which allow you to have a fulfilling career helping people struggling to get enough to eat and to move forward in the direction of providing shelter. 


Our work would be impossible without the men and women who work tirelessly to improve the lives of community members at home and abroad. Sister 2 Sister Inc. Staff is dedicated and committed. Our time and efforts to making our vision of a world without cyclical poverty possible.