Help Save Our Seniors

A fifty-year-old living on the street may possess physical traits resembling a 70-year-old. Our senior sisters need a safe and healthy environment to live out their golden years, not wondering dangerous streets. With your donation  we can work on housing seniors and providing a safe environment.  


Challenges Facing Homeless Elders

Multiple Health Problems that are Difficult to Diagnose

There are homeless older adults averaged 4 chronic health problems each. The common medical conditions that appeared in a study are:

  • Chronic Alcohol Abuse

  • Major Psychiatric Illness

  • Chronic Pulmonary Disease

  • Peripheral Vascular Illness

  • Hypertension

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Tuberculosis

Though many of these problems are treatable, diagnosis and treatment for older people who are homeless may be difficult because:

  • They are too afraid of what will happen to them to seek help,

  • They don't have the resources to pay for care or treatment, or

  • They don't trust health care or social services professionals.

Victimization on the Streets

People who do survive on the streets into their old age, are at risk of becoming easy prey for criminals because of their health and mobility limitations. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, there is a greater likelihood that senior citizens living on the street will be robbed, or assaulted.

Limited Income

High-Cost Housing. For every homeless person living on the streets, there is another just barely holding on to their apartment or room. When a Social Security check is the only monthly income, very little is left over after rent for other expenses such as food, utilities or medicine. The National Coalition for the Homeless reports, "In 1998, on a national average, a person receiving Supplemental Social Security (SSI) benefits had to spend 69% of his or her SSI monthly income to rent a one-bedroom apartment at fair market rent; in more than 125 housing market areas, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment at fair market rent was more than a person's monthly income."

Prevention: Sister 2 Sister Inc. Senior Project

For elderly poor women who are at-risk of becoming homeless, or are already homeless. The key to stable housing is often finding the resources to prevent eviction. Sister 2 Sister's goal is in search of supporters and philanthropists to aid in our project. Our senior sister project.  It is Supportive and Permanent Housing: Senior Sisters- a permanent subsidized senior living with provided services. Project is to renovate abandoned hotels, or apartments our goal is to help elderly women over the long-term. Sister 2 Sister Inc. Senior Sister Inc. Project is an assisted living facility. A safe haven for our senior sisters. Often supportive housing models offer highly structured environments for people who are living with a mental illness or addiction.

In theory, there is no reason why any older person should be homeless. Many government programs do exist (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Adult Protective Services, etc.) to provide a safety net for America's senior citizens. Sometimes however, the safety net falls short. 


Seniors Left Alone  on Dangerous Streets