Widow Project

Being  A Widow Can Become Stressful

Conflicts across the world have left behind millions of widows

A widow is a woman whose spouse has died,The state of having lost one's spouse to death is termed widowhood. There were 4.5 million Americans over the age of 65 living in poverty in 2016 and two-thirds of them were women. American widows see a 37% decline in household income when their spouse dies, while men see only a 22% drop. Expenses for both sides – rent, food, medicine, transportation, etc. – remain the same, women just have a lot less money to deal with them, usually because the grieving stage sometime takes awhile  .“When you’re used to having two Social Security checks come in every month and one of them goes away, life can suddenly get very expensive,” “The surviving spouse has to deal with electricity, food, cars, maintenance and all the other day-to-day living expenses that don’t change, but they’ve only got one income to throw at it. That’s difficult for anyone.”

Sister 2 Sister Inc. mission is to work directly with vulnerable women and give them access to skills workshops, financial management awareness and empowerment, so that they can find a job and support themselves and their children.

Sister 2 Sister Inc. is striving to assist thousands of widows in learning valuable skills and transformed the lives of widows and their children all across the world. Your donation to this project means that you are giving a woman the chance to permanently change her life, by allowing her to provide for her family and keep her children in education.

If you have become a widow and need assistance please go to our Sister Sponsor and fill out the application for assistance.

Questions Of Being Widow


Can you collect your spouse's Social Security after they die?

It is possible for the survivor to collect 100 percent of her deceased husband's Social Security benefits upon his death, but this does not always take place. ... After the first spouse dies, the survivor can then collect 100 percent of the deceased spouse's benefit as long as she is also at full retirement age.

Can I get my husband's disability if he dies?

Surviving Spouses. If your spouse who was receiving SSDI benefits dies, you may be eligible to receive widow's or widower's benefits. (This is only true, however, if your spouse was "currently insured" before becoming disabled.) ... You will receive 75% of your deceased spouse's SSDI benefit.